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Tue, 23 Mar 2010

The Inmates Are Running The Asylum!!

My March 19 through 25, 2010 issue of the Rocky Mountain Oil Journal contains an article that I cannot believe. The Montana BLM has suspended 61 Oil and Gas Leases issued in 2008, due to a lawsuit filed by a group of environmental zealots. The lawsuit claims that the BLM failed to assess if the climate change might be impacted should those tracts be auctioned at the four regularly scheduled sales held in 2008. The surprise is that the BLM capitulated and entered into a settlement agreement with the plaintiffs.

This has some very far reaching implications. I would imagine that protests are being written (as this is being written) for every other western states sales. With this move, they can shut down the access to federal minerals until the cows come home. Let's be honest, the current administration and his appointees, want to shut down all exploration and production from federal lands. I am more and more becoming convinced that they are deliberately destroying America for a reason that we can't see yet. It may be that they want total control over everything.

November is just around the corner. I would suggest that we find out just exactly where every candidate stands on all the issues, including our access to federal minerals. Then and only then, should we offer any support. In fact, if none of the candidates are supportive, then we should wage campaigns against them all. Pointing out to the public just how important it is that the energy companies have access to the federal minerals. I think most people like being warm in the winter and keeping cool in the summer. If access to federal minerals is curtailed, that nicety may be in jeopardy.

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