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Wed, 09 Sep 2009

The Greenies Will Really Like This!!

China talking about banning the export of Rare Earth Metals, see If they do limit or completely quit exports, it will affect many things we all take for granted. Not only that, but it will affect the plans of the current administration to move us into the 'Green Economy'.

Our computers will become more expensive, as the hard drives use some of these metals. The new generation of light bulbs that we are all supposed to migrate to will be affected also. I am sure that many of the tech advances we (the oil and gas service companies) have made over the last few years will be affected too.

China is not the only source of these metals, but they drove most everyone out of business witht their cheap prices. The shut down mines can be reopened, but that takes time. New reserves can be located, but again that takes time. So, we may be in for more increased prices for things we now need.

Now, for the good part. It even affects wind turbines.

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