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Wed, 24 Jun 2009

Stange Bedfellows

Well it appears that we may have some allies appearing to oppose the Cap and Trade legislation. The Environmental crowd is coming out in opposition to the Choke & Gag, I mean Cap and Trade proposal. They are not opposing for the reasons we are, but they are opposing it. This may be some of the best news we have heard on this item. Maybe, just maybe, we can see the legislation firmly defeated and that would be a blessing to all of America, not just the energy companies.

The same old lies are being told by the administration in an effort to garner support. They devise an exotic tax scheme, and then try to tell the public that the energy companies are going to pay for it. Yeah, right. The tax and spenders are clueless as the intelligence of the average person out here, but it doesn't take a degree in economics to figure out who is going to pay.

Get the telephone hot, get the keyboard hot, even get the old pen and paper hot. But, whatever you do, let your elected officials know where you stand on this. It might also be worth mentioning that they work for us, not themselves. Their employers may decide it is time for a change in the not to distant future. (That change isn't the change we got the last election either.)

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