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Fri, 15 May 2009

´╗┐Chrysler and General Motors Management??

What is it with these two? Here they are struggling financially due to a slow economy (and some other problems, which we will ignore for now), which means slow sales. So, what do they do? Cut their sales force of course!! Most any college freshman knows that isn't a real intelligent move.

So, who is behind this failed logic? The government and the labor unions, some of the very same people that want to dictate our future energy policies. The same ones that think they can implement failed European Energy Policies here with a different outcome. I think we all need to be very, very afraid of the things they want to impose.

Now is the time to become known by your Congressional Representatives. Write them, call them, visit them. Make sure they know what you think and lead them to an understanding of just how bad an idea that Cap and Trade is and most of the other Energy Policies that are going to float around over the the next few years. We all know that the free market system is the best way to address the issues. So, get those pens, keyboards and telephones warmed up, we need to stand and be heard.

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